Monday, December 19, 2011

Free Christmas Issue of The Old Schoolhouse Digital Magazine

You may have heard that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is going all digital in 2012. Well, mostly digital, anyway. Yes, there will still be a HUGE annual print issue, but the rest of the year (monthly, in fact) there will be interactive digital issues instead of the usual print quarterly issues.

So really, you will be getting more for your money...more information, more features, and more great opportunities to find out about new ideas and curricula. That said, I am going to miss my quarterly print issues of TOS magazine. They were like friends who waited for me in my bag, ready to be pulled out in a busy doctor's office, in a car while waiting for the kids, or during a quiet moment to myself before the kids got up (now that was a rare treat!).

However, the digital issues look to be easy to navigate and offer some features that the print issues cannot one-click navigation to the sites of the many great advertisers...or am I the only one who likes exploring the new options for homeschooling by looking at the ads and then checking out the many free offers and trials online? Come on, you can admit it. I KNOW I am not the only one. I work with a nice bunch of ladies on the Crew whom I am sure are curriculum junkies, just like me...and there must be more of you out there.

Anyhow, if you are interested in FREEBIES, TOS Magazine, or a chance for your kids to try a nifty game I found in the FREE digital Christmas issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, then click on this link and see that digital issue for yourself. I have to admit that other than perusing the article topics, I haven't gotten very far in it myself since one of the first ads I came across caught my eye, and my kids are busy giving the new Bible Islands game a FREE week trial from now through Christmas. I had to kick them off my computer to post this, and to do a bit of last minute online ordering (I know, I am behind), and they are chomping at the bit to get back to the game (which involves companies like Answers in even get to take a trip to a virtual Creation Museum!).

So that's it...I just wanted to make sure you were aware of this fun freebie. Maybe you can score yourself some uninterrupted free time to wrap gifts earlier than midnight on Christmas Eve (or is that just me, too??) by letting your kids try out Bible Islands, or perhaps there is another great free offer hidden elsewhere in that digital issues virtual pages. If there is, be sure to come back here, leave a comment, and let me know. Who knows when I will get to read the rest of that issue...I am going to take advantage of the available time to finish up a few gifts I am making for the kids in lieu of store bought items this year. Yay!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!



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