Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I won't claim to plan to do every one of the useful and, uh, well, organized suggestions listed here, but having come across this link AGAIN (I forgot I "liked" their FB page a while back and happened upon it once more today), I am thinking there is a reason I saw it now, my real first day off since finishing my classes. I guess it is time to get hopping and start all that cleaning I just longed to do when I was in the throes of sprinting through six weeks of grad classes.

Why is it now that I have the available time open ahead, cleaning is just not quite as appealing as it looked then?
Human nature, I guess, to glamorize the "lesser evil." Not that cleaning and organizing are not good, enjoyable, or desirable, but picking berries, putting up jam, making bread, playing with the kids, reading books, sewing a quilt, and working in the garden sound so much nicer.

In any case, here is a link to (fyi, I tried to get a direct link, but I couldn't find one...if you click on the label at the top of the blog, you will find all of the most recent GBSO posts together), if you would like instructions and inspiration on cleaning and organizing different areas of your home this summer.

I hope you find something good there! I know I will.



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